Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant)

Our enhanced UV resistant clear coat formula holds out against yellowing caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. It resists against scratches, blemishes, impact, and water when fully cured.

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Shield your works of art from damaging UV rays with Promise’s UV-Art Epoxy Resin. Designed for the purposes of resisting yellowing from the sun, UV-Art’s self-leveling formula also helps protect your masterpieces from impact, corrosion, and water damage. Lean on Promise products to leave home décor projects and artwork with a gorgeous glossy shine without sacrificing durable protection.

Key Features:

  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Industry-leading UV resistance
  • Resists moisture, corrosion, and wear and tear
  • Compatible with pigments and dyes

Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin is designed to provide a crystal-clear high gloss shine, a protective coating, and long-lasting UV resistance. It’s ideal for creating, sealing, and coating artwork, wood, photography, wall hangings, coasters, and more. Adorn your home with art of your own creation and trust that it’s safeguard with Promise Pro Art.

UV-Art is also formulated to flow on a variety of different surfaces including wood, canvas, metal, plastics, glass, and more.