Deep Pour Epoxy For River Tables

Live Edge River Table

Instructional Video

Incredible Solutions Table Top Epoxy Instructional Use, How To Properly Mix & Pour Epoxy Resin

Incredible Solutions Epoxy Features

100% Solid

Epoxy in a Single Coat

Low Odor

Can Use Inside and Out

Zero VOC

No Volatile Organic Compounds

Crystal Clear

Cures Ultra Clear Making It Perfect For Bars, Counters, and Table Tops

UV Resistant

Resists Yellowing From UV Light Exposure


Superior Air Release Prevents Bubbles, Cracks, Cratering, etc.

Durable High Gloss Finish

Leaves Blemish-Resistant, Water-Resistant, and Impact-Resistant Coat

Introducing Our New UV PRO FORMULA

Clear Coating Table Top Epoxy
UV Pro
UV Pro - clear coating epoxy


"It's an excellent product, especially for the price"

I tried using the epoxy on my colored pencils bowls. I've used many different brand resins and this one has been one of the clearest, easiest to turn on the lathe, and fastest drying products I've used to date. It's an excellent product, especially for the price!

Ben, Myers Woodshop

"I'll be using Incredible Solutions for all of my projects"

So I'm not a seasoned veteran of epoxy resin, but I will tell you that I'll be using Incredible Solutions for all of my projects. I used Incredible Solutions table top and Pourable plastic for the photo attached. Then my son gave me some from another brand. As I was running low on my supply, I tried the brand that my son gave me. I found that my colors did not mix as thoroughly and the pot time varied greatly from one batch to the other. Like I said, I'll be sticking with Incredible Solutions !! (sorry for the epoxy humor).

S. Hibbs, Artsie Fartsie ​Pops