"It's an excellent product, especially for the price"

I tried using the epoxy on my colored pencils bowls. I've used many different brand resins and this one has been one of the clearest, easiest to turn on the lathe, and fastest drying products I've used to date. It's an excellent product, especially for the price!

Ben, Myers Woodshop

"Simple to use, great quality product"

Let me start off by saying this is not my typical epoxy I use. But it was much more budget friendly than the more well known brands. It mixes very easily simple 1:1 ratio. I used this in one of my builds making three spalted beechwood shelves with a blue tinted epoxy river running down the center of each one. It looked stunning as can be seen from the pictures I listed with it. It’s easy clean up. I use a glass container and wipe out the container with lysol cleaning wipes which breaks down the epoxy easily. It has almost no oder at all. Shipping was very quick and it arrived safely. Foil seals under the caps prevent leakage diring shipping. It cured in a half a day or so depending on heat and humidity. Recommend pour is no thicker than 1:4” due to heat. But I was able to pour 1/2” without an issue in my air conditioned house. Easily popped bubbles on the surface with a plumbers torch. You could use a long lighter or even your breath. So if you want to save $$$ definitely give this a try. It worked just as good as the more expensive brands and is just as easy to use and identical in quality for sure.

Tim, Love of the Grain Workshop

An Easy Epoxy for Even First-Timers

As a first-time user of epoxy, I was pleasantly surprised by this experience. First, it arrived much faster than I had expected. ETA was supposed to be sometime Monday or later, and it arrived the Friday before. The instructions for using it was clear and mixing it was very easy. In stirring, it did develop bubbles, but most of them were gone when I poured it on the table. Spreading it was easy with a little help from a plastic spatula, it leveled nicely. I tried to use a heat gun to work out the remaining air bubbles, but it was not required considering how warm it was inside the room I was working in. I actually think it may have made my experience more complicated than it should have been. When I stopped using heat, I fared much better. Overall, great product, fast service, and easier to use than expected.


"I'll be using Incredible Solutions for all of my projects"

So I'm not a seasoned veteran of epoxy resin, but I will tell you that I'll be using Incredible Solutions for all of my projects. I used Incredible Solutions table top and Pourable plastic for the photo attached. Then my son gave me some from another brand. As I was running low on my supply, I tried the brand that my son gave me. I found that my colors did not mix as thoroughly and the pot time varied greatly from one batch to the other. Like I said, I'll be sticking with Incredible Solutions !! (sorry for the epoxy humor).

S. Hibbs, Artsie Fartsie ​Pops