Promise Table Top Epoxy

Our Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy is quick curing and ultra-clear, making it the perfect product for use in epoxy tables, counters, and bar tops. It is durable, blemish, water, and impact resistant, and self-levels on application.

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Excellence is a tool at your side with our high-performance Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin. Its proven formula, developed over decades, provides a smooth yet sturdy crystal-clear finish, maintained integrity over sharp corners, and excellent air release properties. These qualities make Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin ideal for numerous home décor and art-related projects.

Whether you’re an expert or just starting your resin journey, Promise will help you achieve gorgeous results and inspire your next project.

Key Features:

  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Water-, Blush-, and Impact-resistant
  • Self-leveling
  • High-gloss finish
  • Food safe per FDA code 300
  • Improved surface appearance
  • Eliminates craters, crawling, and fish eyes
  • Compatible with pigments and dyes

Promise Table Top Epoxy features finely tuned self-leveling properties for building furnishings like epoxy resin tables, bars, and countertops. Other popular epoxy table creations include handcrafted river tables and live edge tables. Table Top Resin cures to a strong crystal-clear finish to highlight the details of these epoxy furnishings.

Epoxy table design and creation is one of many product applications—and is only limited by one's imagination. With just a little practice, beautiful, handcrafted epoxy home décor, tables, and other furnishings may be expertly constructed for home and business use. Many epoxy resin artisans and crafters even turn their creations into a thriving business.

Notes: All epoxy has natural color variations or tint and the color of the substrate the epoxy is applied to may accentuate this effect as well. White surfaces are always the most challenging to work with regarding epoxy tint. After all, "white" itself has multiple tints. The appearance of a white surface coated with epoxy is also influenced by lighting. For instance, there may be a dramatic aesthetic difference between LED "daylight" bulb lighting compared to "Soft/Warm" lighting.

This product is not intended for outdoor use.

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