Premium Polishing Compound and Cleaner Kit Formulated for Epoxy Resin and High Gloss Finishes

Our resin Premium Polishing Compound and Cleaner Kit is perfect for polishing all of your epoxy products, from tabletops and bar counters and more! It’s compatible with cured epoxy resin and casting resin finishes.

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Our Epoxy Polishing Compound & Cleaner is perfect for polishing not only tabletops, countertops, and bar tops, but all of your epoxy projects.

Our kit includes one 16oz bottle of polishing compound, one 16oz bottle of cleaner, and one spray attachment for the cleaner.

The polishing compound is ideal for removing small surface scratches as well as the final step in the process of sanding and polishing your epoxy projects.  The polishing compound can be used as often as your project needs.

The cleaner is a great epoxy surface cleaner and it makes the perfect finishing touch for your projects.