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Frequently Asked Questions: Pourable Plastic

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. We strongly suggest that you ALWAYS test the mixed epoxy on a sample piece BEFORE you apply to your final project, even if you are familiar with working with epoxy. The most common problem associated with using epoxy are inaccurate mix ratios or not mixing thoroughly enough. If you have any questions at all, please email us before you attempt your project. We are here to help! 

This product says UV resistant. Can I use it on my outdoor projects?

My project is painted or stained with an oil based product, what can I do?

Is your epoxy food safe?

I am pouring a large river table. Can I still pour 2" thick? 

My project is still tacky after 48 hours. Is this normal?

How much deep pour resin do I need for my project?

What is the mix ratio for this epoxy?

How long do I need to mix the epoxy?

Why is my project still tacky? How do I fix it?

Can I use this resin for coating?

What is the best temperature/environment for working with this epoxy?

How long do I need to wait to pour a second layer?

What do I do if my resin is cloudy or has crystallization?

Can pigments be mixed with this resin?

How long is the epoxy good for after it has been opened?

I mixed the product according to the instructions but the mixture is not clear. Should I still pour? Will it clear up?

I want to epoxy over patches, bottle caps, photos, etc. How do I keep them from floating in the resin? Do I need a seal coat? 

How can I protect paper products, such as stickers or photos, when embedding them with epoxy?